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Advanced Skates

Advanced Figure Skates

The advanced ice skates and figure skates are a top notch product created to for skaters to perform flawlessly, with easy spins, precise toe spotting and extremely graceful movements. All the advanced ice skates and figure skates have been specifically designed to ensure optimal functionality and also enable you to maintain an effortless performance throughout. The Ice Fly boot is the lightest skating boot available and represents a huge turning point in skating and skating technology; an ultra-modern design for skaters who like winning. The flexibility in the boot means added grace and elegance to every performance. The advanced ice skates and figure skates are considered to be the best and are intended for advanced competitive figure skaters doing their double, triple and quadruple jumps. The advanced ice skates and figure skates have reduced weight means reduced fatigue and are a choice of numerous world and Olympic champions, advanced freestyle technicians. The fresh, new Fusion features an aggressive design allowing maximum forward and backward flexibility. Triple ankle reinforcement offers maximum support. Cork heels and leather soles pair for superior shock absorption and lightweight design. Perforated microfiber lining, quilted tongue padding and low profile cushioned back stay collar provide an amazingly comfortable fit. The Concerto boot has been designed for high-end performance ice skating. Edea have used all their experience and know-how to produce a boot that combines modern technology with the traditional look. The extra strength in this boot means it is often the choice for male skaters or pairs who require the extra support needed for high jumps. All the ice skating and figure skating equipment that is available on the figure skating store website has been especially designed to suit people of all ages and is available in different sizes to accommodate the needs of each one. The 975 Instructor is specifically designed for all-day comfort and warmth. Glove soft leather and supple linings. Our Bronze Label model features our new concept that improves the heat molding system to provide support and improved stability without reducing the flexibility. The leather structure in our new Silver Label model incorporates elements to improve the capacity to heat mold, providing unequalled adjustment to boots for skaters in the Advanced level. The forefoot cut-out provides extra room in the sensitive ball joint and little toe area. All natural leather and cork soles and heels combine for lightweight shock absorption. The sleek new 875 Silver Star is redesigned for strength and comfort. Double reinforced, perforated microfiber lining for smooth comfort and breath ability. The beautifully redesigned Gold Star shines brightly with refreshed styling, new reinforced tongue design and cork/leather heels. Impact absorbing soles along with double reinforced uppers for enhanced support. Internal forefoot flex with foam padding and half-inch foam tongue pad enhances comfort and fit. Full grain leather lining provides natural comfort. The advanced ice skating skates and figure skating blades are side honed, tapered and specifically designed for today's exacting freestyle techniques. The ice skates and figure skates are well designed and are available in an extremely affordable price range with lots of exciting accessories to choose from. It becomes mandatory for you to research well before buying your skates and the click of a button on our website will provide you with every specific detail.

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