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Ice Skating Bags

Ice Skating Bags of various sizes, colors and styles may be found here. We offer bag for ice skating by the industry top manufacturers such Zuca, Transpack, Ogio and Grit.

Figure Skating Bags We Carry

The seven elaborately coached categories of bags have been put together in order, to provide you with easy steps to find the most suited bag for you. These categories of bags are as follows: 

  • The grit ice skating bags
  • The Jackson ice skating bags
  • Kiss & cry angels rink tote
  • Riedell ice skating bags
  • Transpacific ice skating bags
  • The Zuca sport.


To perfect the art of intelligent travel and in order to find just the right bag that befits all your requirements this extensive and diverse range of figure skating and ice skating bags are available in numerous sizes, progressive designs with multifarious accessories in all your favourite colours have been creatively put together to enhance your figure skating store experience. While smart equipment for sports and travel was once a luxury has now become an affordable necessity thanks to Grit and Jackson that are renowned Canadian manufacturers that offer a variety of ice skating and figure skating products and accessories. To help you take your craft forward in style Grit and Jackson have put together a range of grit and Jackson ice skating bags that are progressive and significant in accelerating your confidence by being fully equipped bags. The kiss and cry rink tote bags mark the epitome of creativity for all the figure skaters that go skating carrying a sports gear every day. The rink tote skating bags make life much simpler for skaters by holding their important things in safely. These tote bags are perfectly sized, multi-purpose, extremely durable skating bags with short handles that are super convenient to hold. While being a well organised spacious and well compartmentalized bag the kiss and cry rink tote skating bag also offers its users the option of choosing their bag in different colors and exciting textures. The next bag is the OGIO figure skating bag which is one of the most revered bags across the globe. It fits in compact spaces, is extra melt durable and easy to carry. But the most practical feature about the OGIO locker bag is how intelligently it shelves everything making it an indispensable bag to own. The next bag are the Riedell ice skating bags that are an essential travel companion due to thief intelligent features, durable materials, reinforced wheel carriage and spacious interiors. The Trans pack ice skating bags enable you to get to the rink in style and are extremely light in weight, water resistant and come with self-repairing zippers and guarantee sustainability. The Zuca figure skating bags offer a change in perception about the concept of sporting gear that's normally been visualized as overly heavy adorning boring monochromes but over the years that has finally changed thanks to Zuca figure skating bags that usher the progressive flair to sports bags on the forefront. Zuca skating bags have well-structured compartments with dividers for more organized packing, ample amount of room for storing your utilities, smart durable designs that withstand frequent usage as well as the right balance of function and sustainability to allow you to travel in comfort. It's so rewarding to find an excellent deal on your favourite bag in a market that is completely saturated with choices for travel gear and Zuca figure skating bags have revolutionized that very concept of travel, with the ability to iron out the burden of organizing and packing, by creating quality products in competitive price brackets that are easy on your wallet. 

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