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Ice skating dress is not just another piece of clothing. It serves to a skater as a statement of identity, style, aspiration and purpose. Skating dresses vary according to the occasion they are meant for, music theme and performance style, design and price range. There are several important questions you should ask yourself when selecting a new figure skating dress:

1. What kind of event is the dress intended for?

Each figure skating dress may be categorized as a practice, testing or competition dress. The main idea of a training skating dress is to make sure that nothing distracts the skater from her practice. Practice dresses are made of strong practical and comfortable materials. They are usually characterized by simple design and solid colors. Apart from figure skating dresses skating skirts or pants may be used as an alternative. Testing ice skating dresses are meant to flatter the performer in order to highlight her skills and elegance. Testing figure skating dresses usually feature one element of decoration or another but in general have a simple and reserved design. Testing skating dresses typically come in dark colors to match the serious spirit of the occasion. A different approach should be taken when choosing a figure skating dress for a competition. There is no recipe for victory in a competition. Every detail counts and may serve a decisive factor. An outstanding figure skating dress matching the music theme with an excellent fit may well become the final touch in the jury’s decision. Competition dresses are meant to impress and delight the eye with their uncommon designs and decorations. Chic fabrics, vibrant colors, Swarovski crystals, mesh elements, unusual cuts, shimmer and glitter and other inventions of fashion designers are combined to create dazzling dresses for a particular performance: fun, romantic, passionate, retro, etc. Due to their uniqueness and complex style competition dresses tend to be more expensive than any other types of figure skating dresses.

2. Is the dress comfortable enough?

No matter how pretty and elegant your skating dress looks, comfort is the priority. Your skating dress should fit like a swimming suit, snug but not tight. The choice of fabric also plays an important role in the matter of comfort. It is advisable to choose strong, wash-resistant and sufficiently warm fabrics for practice skating dresses. Skating dresses and other skating garments made of new innovative thermal materials specially invented for sports fashion industry are a good investment. They will serve you longer then their polyester counterparts, keeping you warm and cozy on the rink. Testing and competition figure skating dresses which are typically not intended for everyday use are often made from less practical materials, including polyester, elastane, lycra, nylon, velvet, mesh, etc. These dresses may feature unusual neck and skirt lines, zippers, flounces, lacing, ribbons, crystals, beads, embroidery and many other kinds of adornments. It is important to remember that nothing should restrict the movement of a skater’s in the course of performance. That is why excessive adornments, scratchy fabrics, deep cuts and other annoying elements on the skating dress must be avoided.

3. What is the right price for a good skating dress?

This question arises very often especially among the beginning skaters or their parents who have not yet got familiar with the skating dress market. Just like it happens with ordinary clothes, prices for figure skating dresses vary according to the dress type, dress style, materials used and the manufacturer. Of course when it comes to fashion there is no limit. Thus, Olympic skater might spend up to 10 000$ for a competition costuming. However, be not afraid of these heights, a cute practice dress can also be purchased for as little as 50$. So go ahead and explore the market. Such democratic specialized brands as Jerry, Chloe Noel, IceDress, Ice Fire, Mondor, etc. offer a big variety of figure skating dresses for every taste and wallet to choose from.



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