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Edea Skates

are famouse for winning a lot of olympic medals. They are considered to be some of the lightest and strongest boots out there. These skates are the Elite of all figure skates.


The edea ice skates as well as figure skates are extremely easy to skate in with features like being very light in weight, possessing controlled stability, shorter break in time and come with beautiful lacing. The edea ice skating and figure skates are well designed and are available in an extremely affordable price range. The Ice Fly boot is the lightest skating boot available and represents a huge turning point in skating and skating technology; an ultra-modern design for skaters who like winning. The flexibility in the boot means added grace and elegance to every performance. The basic maintenance of the beautiful Edea ice skates as well as figure skates is that they are very easy to care for, with water proof soles, leather upper's, finished touch up's, latest technology for blade mounting. These edea ice and figure skates are custom made in Italy and provide padded comfort and are anatomically balanced, boots. The Chorus boot is a step up from overture and is for serious skaters who are looking to include double jumps in their routines. If you’ve entering competitions regularly this boot can help you step on the podium. These edea figure and ice skates are also available in a variety of sizes therefore making them well suited for everyone from a beginner to a well-established skate. The edea ice and figure skates are easily affordable and are light in weight feature all the quality that high grade ice skating quad skates possess and are also available in colors of your choice, different sizes and styles to suit your requirements. Edea have combined lightweight design and the latest technology to produce this high performing boot with passion that Edea have become famous for. The Motivo is a ready-to-skate boot designed with adults or the serious beginner in mind. Inspired by our passion for skating the Motivo benefits from the technology and know-how from our top of the range boots. A step up from the Brio the Motivo offers greater support for a better performance. The Overture boot is a combination of lightweight design and Edea technology. It is our best-selling boot. It offers great support and flexibility for skaters who are looking to develop and are performing basic skills single jumps and axles. Inspired by our passion for skating, the Overture benefits from the technology and know-how from our top of the range boots. The Concerto boot has been designed for high-end performance ice skating. Edea have used all their experience and know-how to produce a boot that combines modern technology with the traditional look. The extra strength in this boot means it is often the choice for male skaters or pairs who require the extra support needed for high jumps. The Flamenco Ice has been designed for grace and elegance using Edea’s experience and know-how combined with innovative thinking and modern technology. The extra flexibility and low cut in this boot gives the extra flexibility and manoeuvrability that Ice dancers need. Besides the fact that each Edea skate for ice and figure skating is extremely unique in its style and performance value, these ice and figure edea skates have also been designed in a manner that enable you to have the best figure skating experience . All the ice skating and figure skating equipment that is available on the figure skating store website has been especially designed to suit people of all ages and is available in different sizes to accommodate the needs of each one. In terms of the quality, design work, the price range, as well as your comfort which is all one usually looks for when buying ice and figure skates the Edea ice skates are a great product on offer. 


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