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Intermediate Skates



The intermediate ice and figure skates are well designed and are available in an extremely affordable price range with lots of exciting accessories to choose from ice. The intermediate ice figure skates that are a bit more detailed than the skates for beginners as these are designed specifically for competitive skaters from all over the world. Whether you're male or female finding a suitable skate won’t be a problem under the two renowned brands named Reidell and Jackson available that help you decide what skate to buy. Both the brands are considered to be the top brands for ice and figure skates that design a wide range of skates for all levels starting from the beginner to the advanced level. Some of the very common health benefits that these intermediate skates will offer you are- relieves stress, eases menopause symptoms, tones muscles, increases bone strength and teaches endurance. Features like brass hooks, flex notch, soft top lines several sizes, leather lining and extra ankle padding are some of the beautiful features that these intermediate figure skates will offer you when you are wearing them during your performance which benefit your health in the long run. The competitor supports single jumps and has a soft top line with rolled collar area for added comfort, foam padding is shaped asymmetrically to fit ankles better and offer lasting comfort, covered one piece contour tongue with memory foam padding, fully padded microfiber lining is treated with antibacterial properties. Double reinforcement for the support recreational skaters appreciates. Leather Tongue Reinforcement adds foot protection and boot strength. New hand-rolled collar for soft comfort and snug fit. New argon welded stainless steel blade. Take to the ice with ease with the all new two twenty three Stride. Designed with medium ankle support for all day comfort. Double reinforced leather uppers, leather soles and leather tongue reinforcement, lining and traditional hand-rolled collar provides great fit and easy care. The all new argon welded stainless steel blade offers beauty and strength. Get ready for fun with the nineteen emeralds. Light support with double synthetic reinforcement. Leather tongue reinforcement adds protection and strength. The Chorus boot is a step up from Overture and is for serious skaters who are looking to include double jumps in their routines. If you’ve entering competitions regularly this boot can help you step on the podium. Edea have combined lightweight design and the latest technology to produce this high performing boot with passion that Edea have become famous for. Now lighter, the twenty nine edges is redesigned to provide an advantage. Double reinforced uppers with new and improved features provide medium support for advancing moves and jumps, polyurethane coated leather uppers, leather sole, traditional hand-rolled collar with flex notch eyelet for unmatched comfort, stability and performance. Nickel stud hooks. The Jackson premier has great features like a fully padded microfiber lining breathes, but doesn't absorb moisture, support stitching added to aid support in flex area foam padding is shaped asymmetrically to fit ankles better and offer lasting comfort, multiple piece contour tongue with memory foam padding, covered with microfiber for improved comfort, solid brass hooks and many more. These intermediate ice and figure skates are more flexible, much lighter and more durable than its traditional versions. If you are not a beginner and is on intermediate level then you should go for intermediate skates as these skates have been designed considering your needs at an intermediate level. Available in an array of colors and designs these intermediate skates will suit your needs. 


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