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Sizing Charts


Shopping online can be very challenging because picking the right size is not always easy. Please find a list of sizing charts to help you identify the size you need correctly. These sizing charts were provided to us by the manufacturers, they are not too difficult to use but sometimes people still make errors. Please keep in mind that while these sizing charts serve as a guide, they in no way replace a professional fitting. We take no responsibility for the measurements you make, so please read the directions and if you don't understand how to use them don't be affraid to reach out to us at 818-785-2002 and we will be glad to assist you. 


ChloeNoel Sizing Chart

IceDress Sizing Chart

Jerry's Sizing Chart

Mondor Sizing Chart

Ice Fire Sizing Chart

Kami-So Skating Wear Sizing Chart

Edea Skates Sizing Chart

Jackson Ice Skates Sizing Chart

Riedell Roller Skate Sizing Charts

Riedell Ice Skates Sizing Chart

Riedell Blades Sizing Chart

Savvy Skater Sizing Chart

Zoombang Sizing Chart

Sure-Grip Sizing Chart


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